Why do the rich get richer and the poor stay poor?

There are probably many good questions in the comments to this article, so I won't waste any time answering them.Instead, I will just ask you — what do you think makes rich people richer?Let's say you have a good salary. You are always "in the money" and no one gives a damn about your petty squabbles with your boss. You don't have time for anything. In your free time, go buy a lottery ticket, go to the sea to search for lost objects, etc.The good news is that there is a good rule that "everyday it is better to buy lottery tickets." It's not for nothing that they say that rich people are prepared for any challenges and will gladly survive any test.The question is-when does the money to be won in the lottery start to "work"?Let's talk about it in more detail, starting with the fact that you need to save up the money for a long time. The first thing that comes to mind when we talk about money is our belief in ourselves (and our own inner experiences). We firmly believe in our self-worth and the strength of our character. We firmly know the words "I Dare" and "I set My sights on My dream" . We firmly know that we will definitely become millionaires and will definitely become successful people.What does this have to do with money?Nothing at all!Let's look at the traditional wisdom about money:1) Wealth is not luck.Rich people have always had the ability to take care of their financial affairs. Even in the difficult times of the crisis, during which millions of people lost their jobs and their usual level of income. 2) Money is an important part of our lives.It is well known that when we lose our jobs, money is also "lost". We can't go forward if we are no longer in a position to earn a lot of money.We are not allowed to change our "relationship" with money.3) Money "makes" money.When we "turn" our income into "money", it brings joy not only to us, but also to our loved ones.When we receive a salary, we feel a surge of endorphins and endorphins suppress the release of dopamine in the brain.This is where the magic of money "hides" — we feel happy not because we "get"magnificent money, but because we "make" money.It is endorphins that make us feel a sense of euphoria and satisfaction at the sight of a big salary.4) Money "makes" money.Sometimes big money itself does not come to us, but small salaries do.Make a habit of saving 10-20% of each income earned.Use this money to replenish your "financial cushion" and make smart

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