How to pay off your mortgage faster (and, with more money, buy a bigger apartment)

Each person, with the proper desire, has many ways to improve their financial situation. Everyone can come to a better (in money and in their quality of life) result — if only the first step is taken. In this article, we will talk about what the public will need to do in order to consistently improve their financial situation and find prosperity.1) Habit to "live within your means".This is the most important and perhaps the only (if you ask — there aren't any else) step that each person can take.After that, there are a lot of anti-money habits that cling to us like a huge "wishlist". They seize anyone who steps foot on the road to prosperity and does not give up until the very last minute.That is why:in the world wide web, it is extremely difficult to find the "bottom" and get rid of the " poison";there are no simple steps — it is much better to act in the spirit of the "First to find happiness" rule.What to do: Start a piggy Bank and save 10-20% there every month (directing this money to replenish your family's pension and make reasonable investments).2) Talking to money (and reducing spending on each one).It is our daily thoughts that "push" money away from us and into our pocket. Our daily actions (on as well as their reaction to us) cause a complete disconnection with the world of Finance.What to do: Get used to spending less than you earn (and take into your own hands the issue of increasing your income).3) the Habit of living "within your means".We live in the era of the ubiquitous Internet. We can be everywhere at once (work, school, play, visit friends, etc.). This is the main difference between us and our Western "parents."parents."We were born in a different country, lived in a different era, and in a different economy. We were not taught how to handle money at school.We do not have a "stash" or have a "dead wallet" — so to speak, we are learning how to "own" money.What to do: Get used to planning your family's upcoming budget (and every month).4) the Habit of living "within your means".Our society is gradually transforming us into an adult who is responsible for his/her family's financial well-being.What does this mean for each of us? In the short term, it means that now is the time to start saving money and look for additional earnings;in the long run, it will mean that you have everything you need at your disposal — the most powerful army in the world, the means of communication and information exchange, a beautiful ocean and a stable support system

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